Kasen-no-renga & Renku 1

Global Haiku Tradition--Kasen-no-renga, Spring 2006

Fallen Firefly


Natalie Perfetti, Andrew Barnick, Sarah Corso, and Melanie McLay

Fallen Firefly

unbudded willow
at the base
a heart

beating through the branches
the flow of spring

neither going nor coming

on the bridge
the fisherman waits

in luminous reflection
above and below him
the moon

ripples in the sea

savage shimmering
surface hides
placid darkness

over the hill
a sunrise

rays running
down the ravine—
a midsummer blossom

never to open
most beautiful

on the grass
a bald monk

fallen firefly

held in tiny hands
final farewell
by the glow of the moon

quarreling lovers
hearts flicker

lightening flashes—
along the dirt path

muddy tears stream
down wrinkled cheeks

the last of the blossoms
floating dead
in the flooded ditch

lost beauty

autumn leaves
crackling under the mare’s

her colt,
no longer newborn

bigger, stronger, closer
towards death

a blind man
hunches under a lean-to

over a sparrow
toddling about
strong palms

of the mother’s watchful eye

unwanted love
without consequence

inside the hut
a woman weeps

pride and pain
gleam on the edge
of the silver sword

the symbol
of one soul

unpinning black tresses
of hair, the woman
under a red moon

now falling…
like the last of autumn leaves

swirling from heaven
then crumbling
on the ground

momentary perfection

a traveler
walks across
the frozen pond

just before the thaw
of daybreak

before waking
to sunbeams
through the cherry blossoms

beauty, like time…
travels with you

• • •

Natalie Perfetti, Andrew Barnick, Sarah Corso, and Melanie McLay



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