Kasen-no-renga & Renku 1

Global Haiku Tradition--Kasen-no-renga, Spring 2006


From Bud to Bloom


Liz Ciaccio & Elizabeth Braden

summer breeze
the dogwood tree’s
fragrant blossoms

hummingbirds working
to raise their family

sister’s kite
a mind of its own

birthday party
spoiled by the storm

Mom’s tears
by the moonlight

cricket’s chirping
alongside the hushed night

wedding rehearsal dinner
true feelings

the bride cowers
in the bathroom

a lone wolf’s cry
over the treetops

first excursion together
sharing a tent

autumn wind
their flame

clouds form—
one more cigarette

leaning against the car
the moon as the backdrop

rain falls
on spring leaves

the young mother
there is never time

the baby shrieks
lunchtime already

under the cherry blossom tree
we sit
waiting out the rain

a momma squirrel and her babies
beat us to the punch

hot summer night with
bases loaded

multitasking mom
yells up for dirty laundry

rowdy kids
running wild
in potent chive fields

dinner bell rings
from mom’s strained vocals

new puppy
loose and escaping
stops to eat a tulip

after summer downpour
the green garden grows

home three minutes late
Dad at the door—
his angry eyes on

dusty frames
capture her parents’ whole story

heating up
without the sun
in back of a Chevy

cell phone rings
little sister having boy issues

moon’s water reflection
sets the mood
a mud puddle

through the passing storm
stars peek

pigtails in the doorway
with new shoes
first day of school

groans sound as the teacher commands
annotate Shakespeare’s Macbeth

soft spring breezes
blowing her curls
and up her skirt

kids- holding hands
down the hallway

longing at the
cherry blossom tree
from indoors

summer rain
cleansing the blackest surface

• • •

Liz Ciaccio
Elizabeth Braden
Global Haiku Traditions
April 4, 2006



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