Moon Chigger

Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2010


Moon Chigger

April 2010


Global Haiku Traditions Class
Spring 2010

Moon Chigger

sunlight filters
into the nursery
she baby talks pansies

the mobile crane
stares at the garden

playground swings
left vacant
to go swimming

follow the leader
a trail of ants

her window left open
for him

a silent kiss
in the darkness

humid afternoon
pregnancy test
not so positive

still believing
he's the father

a ripple in the pond
can never be

weeds and cattails flutter
around the body

blowing dandelions
I wish
for her survival

last light slipping
from the horizon

tornado warning
hawk circles
the lunar eclipse

trapped in the basement
a family reunion

Mom spots
her tatoo
for the first time

his name forever
on her back

divorce papers
cherry blossoms scatter
across the yard

I step on a bee
picking up my life

my olf best friend
her stinging smirk

radio show with my crush
mixed signals

empty porch swing
gown up talk
of childhood memories

sun setting
on evening conversation

I awake
to a new found

drunk brunch rendevous
wearing his shorts

advising day
her Pocky stick broke

bad ass
chiggers in the grass

grassy picnic
he rolls her over
the bag crinkles

sun in my eyes

early morning
tiny hands
reach for the sky

spelling his name
in the stars

study session
he lets her
paint his toenails

a soft pink
on his cheek

barbeque smoke
over the cow pasture

whispering wind
I love you

flat on my back
cherry blossoms
stain my shirt

another question
she won't answer

• • •

Written in two sessions in April 2010 by Aubrie Cox, Becky Smith, Grant Dartman, Jade Anderson, Kari Thornton, Nathan Bettenhausen, Olivia Birkey, Susie Wirthlin, Tyler Lamensky, and Randy Brooks.

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • last updated: April 15, 2010
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