Global Haiku Tradition • Rengay 2021



gloomy day
she asks me
to fill out the papers

what is my
social security number

next question
emergency contact
I’ll pick dad this time

my name is called
the silence is deafening

right this way
down the hall
the scale awaits

blood pressure

the rustling of
the parchment paper
will not distract me long enough

Alyson Robbins & Carly Clo

Moonlight Visits

under the moonlight
the widow visits
a grave of fireflies

their mourning
echoed in yellow

stars blink omnisciently
taking comfort
in the lone walk

a trail that no one else can follow
guided by
an orchestra of cicadas

sounds of chirping insects
the only accompanying sounds

their lights flickering
the fireflies

Kionah Flowers & Brooke Oitker


walking home
after school
he picks up a dandelion

the next one he sees
he pops the head off

he opens the front door
to his dad
passed out on the couch

bottles are empty
bottles are always empty

he remembers his mom
works tonight
he shuts himself in his room

dinner time

the next day
the sun is shining

the teacher notices
he is off

Camryn Skundberg





beams blaring
another box
out of the truck

the heat stings
battle scars

wiping my brow
wanting a
new slate

open road
empty promises

forgetting the soul
I once
called love

I buy my own flowers

the rental
he picked

Carly Clo & Alyson Robbins

Graduation Day

two weeks left
she prepares
for the next chapter

excited and nervous
for what lies ahead

each day consists
of homework
and interviews

senioritis kicking in
the end is in sight

cap and gown
the awaited day
has arrived

walking across the stage
time to say our goodbyes

Chloe Herbert & Emily Reeves


the lamplight
the cold embrace
of a spring morning

the ponytail swishes
weaves through clouds of exhales

mile 6 or 7
she hits her
runners high

remember to turn left
at the fire hydrant on Oak Street

runny nose
body feeling warm
sunrise service

the door closes behind her
as dawn breaks

Colin McGonagle & Jacalyn Keller

The Wonders

tink tink tink
the button eye—

the stitches glow
under the harvest moon

weaving threads
around me
impossible perfection

an itch
you can’t scratch
deep under the skin

a poison once there
now appears gone

just put
some magic
on it

Courtney Klein & Marissa Garcia










The Right Words

brisk spring breeze—
unraveling my midnight scrawl
in the morning light

sparrow for company—
I read my poem aloud

difficult letter—
on the wall
the cuckoo clock keeps ticking

searching for just the right word
in my tattered diary

call of a crow
the keyboard’s clatter

looking up from the last line
to the new moon

Danni Beard & Arianna Mergler


rainy day
sheltered under leaves
their eyes meet

look a lot like tears

rain's soft patter
hiding the words
that should be said

a clap of thunder
hindering all progress

thunder passing,
the sun reflects
off her ring

the storm their wedding bells

Elliot Mahon

the rain sings to me
and the silence
melts away

the melody dances
down my window

Jamie Gamonez


the essays flood
every corner of my brain
I wipe away my sweat

the clock ticks away
I hit submit

Jamie Gamonez

my sunshine

summer rain

pitter patter
the gutter plays a song

you hum a tune
and reach out
for my hand

we sway
through the mist
my head rests on your shoulder

thinking of
sunnier days

you . . .
are my sunshine
on a cloudy day

Sarah Barter and Jeana Pierson











final zoom call
bittersweet connection
like my Wi-Fi

so many assignments left
between me and graduation

checking the titles
one by one
my list shrinks

sun Shining through
my window
making focusing hard

rays cover my screen
hiding the work

I’m so close
I know
I can do it

Paige Hockman & Jordan Hildebrand

That’s Immortality My Darlings

word travels fast
except none of it is news
they want to hear

friends held together
by their secrets

sirens wailing
police found
Alison’s body

zipped body bag
she still lingers

the girl in
the red coat

she’s dead!
or so we thought

Kaitlin Hathaway & Toria


mother-daughter talk
we have those

we share things that bring us joy
laughter and many tears

closer than most
friends and family
conversation flows easily

future plans
and moments to share
memories to make

walking together
side by side

new adventures to see
new opportunities
wonderful moments to share

Kionah Flowers & Nichole Flowers

we are one
with nature
sun on my face

the breeze of a tree
invites me to play

long weekend
barely time
to close my eyes

up! up! up!
it's a new week!

Piper Charlton


dark skies,
the window reveals
lil paw prints

she watches,
across the park

green eyes,
through the soul

looking through
the past

a shadowed figure,
in the moonlight

from ear to ear

coming closer,
eyes turn


through the clouds

turn silent

my head
thoughts darken

running through
the night

white dress
soaks in . . .
the moon

socks stained,
green and brown

she stares . . .
her green eyes,
across the park

paw prints,
on the window

looking out,
she sips
future blossoming

her space,

Katelynn Watkins

& friend (ND)

For the Love of Springfield

you know
I wish that I had
Jessie’s Girl

where can I find a
woman like that

she wanders close by
shards of glass
fill the sky

if I stumble
and it seems that I am blind
speak to the sky

stop . . .
my head is playing tricks again

everybody’s gotta fight their demons
and you know
I have to fight mine too

Marissa Garcia & Wendy Kaliner


stream trickles
the breeze brushes by
a sudden stillness follows

toes in the water
fish swimming by

together they sit
cast after cast
each hook empty

sun going down
worms running out
ever lasting memories

a similar face
reflects off the water

smiling ear to ear
joke after joke
reeling in a big one

Keaton Garner & Paige Hockman


keeping my head
above the papers

my mind is
a forest fire

my expectations
can’t breathe against
the crashing of the waves

coming up for air
on a Saturday

can’t help myself
thrown back in the fire
sunday night

want to soak you in
but I’m overflowing

looking ahead
the buoy awaits
extinguishing the fire

Alyson Robbins & Amanda










Long Distance Love

staring at my phone
waiting . . .
for your message

bated breath
and secret smiles

they do not know
they would not

people frown upon
long-distance relationships

our love is real
and infinite
much like stars

we stare up at the moon
knowing the other is looking

Artemis Gutierrez & Brooke Oitker


basking in our glory
even the old gods
fear us

creation of mechanical animals
usurping omniscience

blood of the earth
on our boots

glimmer of hope
repairs the damage
small changes

through the fog
we see the universe

clarity reveals
a borrowed existence
hope remains eternal

Savanna Prasun & April Prasun



empty parking lot
i stare at the moon
wishing I was as far

the pink glimmer
reminds me of your love

dreaming of pathways
to you
knowing the sun will rise
and it will never be

right now
bathing in the

I will remember
your soft smile

the dark blue sky
will have to
hold me tonight

Carly Clo & Amanda

April Days

purple flowers
blowing slightly
in the spring breeze

the scent of rain
hangs in the air

these showers
better bring
May flowers

freshly cut grass
laid atop the yard

the sounds
of birds chirping
surround her

at last
spring has sprung

Chloe Herbert & Nick Buzan












kukai night
drunken dreams
on printer paper

graphite epiphanies
turned scribbles in the daylight

clattering pencils
revelations without

slurred words
make the poetry more artful

excited gasps
they can't read
the handwriting

lost in each other's company
we forget to vote

Elliot Mahon

Limbic Knot

thunderclouded mind
each new thought
a lightning strike

heart palpitations
shaking and hyperventilating

audible recall
you see, hear, smell, touch
never enough

one, two three times
must, must concede
to quiet the voices

white flag raised
a reach for silence

but therein lies
a desperate fire
burning for control

Courtney Klein & Kaitlyn Gellerman

A Rain of Leaves

a rain of leaves
before the first drops
mackerel clouds

solstice sunrise
frost on the window

fingers knotted
behind my head
above me, the bristlecone pine

fire-scarred madrone
open to the heartwood

the dog’s whine
apple blossoms sprinkled
on the rusty lawn chair

the redwood burls
shades a trillium

Danni Beard & Marlen

sister sister

two sisters
by chance
friends by choice

she broke my brush
too piccola

uncontrollable laughter
over jokes
no one will ever understand

wine bottle in a backpack
clinking up the stairs
I hope they don’t wake up

the stupidest of secrets
sacred to sisters

girls and gossip
you know you love me
I have to go

Jeana and Michaela Pierson







retired basketball player
still spends her days
at the gym

living in her past
to help the future

will her body
allow one more year
of college basketball

considering the positives
and negatives
of being an athlete

one side of the list
a bit longer than the other

what she decides
is truly best
for the future

Jordan Hildebrand & Elyce Knudson

Everything Has Changed

back to December
haunted from 
the story of us

picking up bottles
memories of that night

cold hearted
I left my scarf
at your sister’s house 

long drive back
delicate smile hides the pain

he drops me off on 
Cornelia Street

forgetting you existed
I begin again
happy and free

Kaitlin Hathaway & Linnea Nordstrom

The Road to 235

second ring
without a doubt
she picks up

lying alone
I’m greeted with a smile

draped lights
and stacked beds
the warmth of home

through the walls
laughter rings

woven bracelet
a lifetime of memories
tied in a knot

young and clever
we stand beside one another

Linnea Nordstrom & KB & TD

Lonely Star

shrouded in darkness
a lone star
guides the way

the unknown path
alight beneath the black

she rests beneath
shadowed treetops;
mystery’s mistress

a raven sings
into the night

sad cries
that echo mournfully

dawn begins
sun rising
on a new day

Brooke Oitker & Kionah Flowers


through the valleys
the world reveals its secrets

the winding trails
of amber grass

my guardian angel
leads me down
the path of serenity

sweet songs of my past

kissed by a rose
thorns are just a side affect

the prick leaves a mark
to remind me
of then . . .

Marissa Garcia & Courtney Klein

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • All rights returned to authors upon publication.