Haiku to Edit 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2021

freshly watered plants
tired, parched lips
just one more day

running through the streets
a human lurks in the darkness
haunting everybody

running in the street
a figure lurks
in the dark

running through the streets
shadow lurking
haunting everybody

staring into the void
endless galaxies
within the fridge

staring into the void
galaxies hidden
in the fridge

I open my journal
my blank thoughts reside
not on the paper


unwanted brownish banana
I save for
my smoothie

brown banana
I save for
my smoothie

unwanted brown bananas
saving them for
my breakfast smoothies   

ripe banana
made into a smoothie

over ripe banana
saved for
my smoothie

cold weather
makes it hard
to get out of bed

cold weather
head under the covers
safe for the winter

third time running
starts to feel
right again

a clean room
does wonders
to feel free

a clean room
feeling free
does wonders

remaining in
the downward dog
for a moment of peace

a moment of peace
I remain
in downward dog

downward dog
my spine cracks
from top to bottom

I wore
the freshman 15
like a badge

Freshman 15
my college life

the switch pulled
his last thoughts
are wasted goodbyes

my temple
I nourish
for myself

running on the treadmill
helps me feel
less sad

running on the treadmill
the weight lifts
off my shoulders

my treadmill
brings sadness
to my body

in the park,
sweat down my back

from one machine
to the next
I lose breath

yellow bicycle
emerging from
the wildflowers

her yellow bicycle
emerges from
a field of wildflowers

the bicycle
fades together

my only escape
during quarantine

summer walks
around the church
and back

room spinning  
noises growing louder 
mental health day for me 


night time
me time


night shower
I reset,
from the day

nighttime shower
thoughts run like the water

human contact
we are like wolves
pack animals

human contact
pack animals
howling together

day care
he spelled his name
upside down


© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.