Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Alyson Robbins



An Enneagram 4's Memoir

Alyson Robbins

This title was born out of my enneagram! I am an enneagram 4 which is “the individualist.” Enneagram 4’s feel their emotions and function through the said emotions. My haiku are big “feeler” pieces and that perfectly describes the way I write. After examining my work this semester, I decided this was the best way to capture all of it!

Over this semester, I have learned so much about a new hobby: Haiku. I never expected to enjoy this art form so much, but I love it! It has been a great way for me to release emotions in a healthy way and express myself. I have thoroughly enjoyed hearing other students’ life experiences and how they form their own art through those. I was also so thankful for your guidance, Dr. Brooks. Thank you for making this semester so enjoyable!

and popcorn
weekend at Dad's

worn journal
the pages fall
to the floor

Rubik's Cube
are you
green or blue

phone buzzes
his name—
my smile forming

to do list
should've used

our laughs
suddenly bittersweet
summer approaching

a tisket,
a takset,
missed the bus

heads or
Betty White

her favorite song
sounds better
in this neighborhood

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