Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Danni Beard





Adventure Time

Danni Beard

The title that I selected was Adventure Time. The reason I choose this haiku was because of the haiku I have selected throughout the semester in ways that benefited me the most. The haiku I wrote was all funny and I thought it was a journey in life that I took throughout the semester. The haiku collection I selected was a group of haiku I selected throughout the semester that brought me happiness and sadness. I picked a lot of love haiku because I feel that they touch me harder than just putting in random haiku. Life is about living to fullest and people need to remember the meaning of love and what it actually represents. I also put in sports haiku such as working out and tennis that relate to my everyday life. All the haiku I wrote about relates to me in a form of how journey has gone this semester. Many people may say that going on an adventure with me is fun because I create new ideas and bring excitement to the group. In order to make this class fun I took a big adventure throughout my lifetime in place of the haiku I wrote. Overall stepping out of my comfort zone has been a perfect strength in this class for me to show off my skills.

you said forever,
he said never, so now you
dumpster dive for love.

walking alone
my shadow beside me
watching the sunset

look around
no one is watching
flex in the mirror

the sound of the ball
as the racquet makes contact
thrilling every time

music on, windows down,
we’re not even late yet, but . . .
someone has to pee.

blowing dandelions
and wathcing a thousand wishes
scatter in the wind

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