Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jamie Azcona Gamonez




tired soul.

Jamie Azcona Gamonez

This collection is entitled "tired soul" because the following pieces tell a story of a person who becomes more and more drained as the collection progresses. When writing these haiku, I tried to find a way to vaguely describer very vulnerable moments in my life. I wanted to make it personal enough for me to find release but vague enough for the reader to imagine their own interpretation.

I have found reading and writing haiku to be very therapeutic. I’m not really big on reading, but I love imagining and interpreting things. Haiku are perfect for me because they carry so much with little phrasing. The whole concept of giving and receiving between author and reader is very beautiful. I’m so fascinated in how haiku are simple and vague but somehow specific and intricate at the same time. The art of haiku has really added value to my life because it has taught me the value of pausing and experiencing. Everything moves so fast at times . . . it gets hard to breathe. However, with haiku, I get to take a minute to think about what a piece means to me or how might I manifest a certain experience through my words. Haiku has also taught me how to collaborate. Working with my classmates has been really fun because we are able to come up with more ideas. Overall, I’m very grateful for this class and hope to continue my journey with haiku.


kitchen countertop
dance party

big plate
someone said fat
I sit in place

the silence so loud
I hear you
in my heart

a movie in my mind
the DVD
so many scratches

in the bathroom
I muffle myself

little do they know
I'm running out of

fairy lights—
keep me company
after a long day

hello to the soul
I am manifesting

the mask it muffles
and hides me
still here I am

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.