A 12 Link Renku

Kristin Boryca & Lidonna Beer

Global Haiku Tradition
Millikin University, Spring 2000

a 12 link renku by
Kristin Boryca
Lidonna Beer


do not repeat the same image/word within 2-3 verses of each other
make a reference to wildflowers in line 8
make a reference to the moon in lines 5 and 12

12 line renku


park bench
an old man
talks back to the ducks

oak leaves
rust slowly on the tree

leaky pipe
another drip
onto the basement floor

through the snow

the moon’s path
down the alley
stops short of his door

the black and white photograph
of his mother

in a rush
she still manages
to look in the mirror

pink toenails
among wildflowers

in the sunlight
the sisters
play patty-cake

tea leaves
saved for the fortune-teller

store window
she admires
the hat display

long walk
following the moon home

©2001 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors