Grasshoppers & Tobacco Spit:
A 36 Link Kasen-no-renga

K.B. Hattan • Bri Hill • Michele LaBrose • Lauren Taylor
Xiu Ying Zheng • Ryan Jones • Liz Hattan

Global Haiku Tradition
Millikin University, Spring 2003

A 36 link renku

Written in Bri's apartment on March 30, 2003


Grasshoppers and Tobacco Spit


scent of lillies
white dress
flows past smiles

       spring breeze extinguishes
       the orange flame

a single tear
father's weathered face

       reception delayed
       wedding party pictures

soft moonlight
reflects in
the newlywed's eyes

       glassy lake
       a fish nibbles our toes

tonight's concert
crickets and bullfrogs
opening chord

       a lone didjeridoo
       echoes in the distance

the yodeler
a long trill sounds
over soft snow

       numb fingers
       sculpt her snow fort

a crashing wave
invades castle walls—

       feasting on steamed crabs
       playful banter

family reunion
moon viewing
among strangers

       a smile shared
       the subway

breathing each other's air
we climb
to the surface

       hard rock
       rattles the speakers

crowded park
black boots trample
cherry blossoms

       straight-faced troops
       march through protesters

TV broadcast
the child struggles
to understand

       war in action
       reporter rambles on

beneath the transmitter
a red ant nibbles
the crusty bun

       a motherless child
       cries for her dolly

painted face
on porcelain bisk
dressed in lace

       her tiny easter bonnet
       stained by jelly beans

grimey hands
fumble for colored eggs
among the grass

       broken shell
       a baby robin motionless

thick smoke
searching for her child
with a broken heart

       crackling fire
       first s'mores of fall

harvest moon
sets and rises
between friends

       soft talk
       gentle laughter

sisters snuggle
beneath warm blankets

       the scent of freshly baked cookies
       drifts up the stairs

lemonade stand
a coin drops
in the cup

       rain forecast
       girls set up and umbrella

hand in hand
young lovers skip
in the cherry orchard

       open eyes
       a thoughtful kiss

• • •

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