Spring Day:
a 36 link kasen-no-renga

Leigh Ann Kitchell & Maureen Coady

Global Haiku Tradition
Millikin University, Spring 2004

Spring Day


vast meadow
of spring sunshine
girlfriends under the old oak

       two picnic benches
       robin song through the leaves

cool cement under my back
over the phone
we name the stars

       romantic picnic by the pond
       spider interrupts

sun’s best friend
watches over
our peaceful night

       open window lets in the rain
       her lullaby


walking trail
dogwood blossoms
catch the sun

       baby discovers a butterfly
       in her stroller

water splashing
over a branch
frog’s Niagara

       her first homerun
       across the homemade plate

lovers emerge
from the trees

       wrong turn
       pizza delivery in the cemetery


red sky welcomes
the moon

       shiny headstone
       her name next to his

mom’s Marlboro’s
into sunbeams

       achoo! bees buzz
       open blossoms

muddy field
mom consoles
her teary pitcher

       scent of lilacs after the rain
       from his headstone


his platform
the old tree stump
first magic tricks

       slowing motorcycle
       she climbs on back

attacking my pencil
pesky fly . . .
under my notebook

       clean garden tools
       beside my dying plants

colored rain
slides down the driveway

       skateboarders on the half pipe
       new tattoos


on the park bench
she peels her orange
ants picnic

       girlfriends in the park
       summer dreams

begonia seedlings
six inches apart
room to grow

       he chases her through the garden
       squirrels in love

silver moon
a curved sliver
behind wispy clouds

       among fallen leaves


white spring clouds
between blue and green

       daddy’s kite
       tugs small fingers

first spring rain
walking home
earthworms line the pavement

       brick wall on display
       the tree’s silhouette

afternoon jog
avoiding the dog poop
cherry blossoms

       warm wind ushers in spring
       His masterpiece


©2004 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors