Photographer Biography

photograph of Gretchen Batz
by Mike Davenport

Nature photographer, Gretchen Graft Batz, grew up on a small farm near Nauvoo, Illinois. The outdoors is her favorite workplace; maintaining a childlike "sense of wonder" is her goal as an artist.

She completed her Master's Degree in Elementary Education at Western Illinois University in Macomb, where she met her husband, Roger. Kindred spirits, they camped for eight weeks in Europe on their honeymoon. Over the years, they've backpacked in Norway, Finland, Germany, the former Yugoslavia, Greece, and most recently, in New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji, always seeking in-depth cultural experiences.

In addition to photography, Gretchen enjoys writing (especially haiku), and she occasionally teaches creative writing and multicultural arts for children's afterschool learning programs.

Both her written works and photographs have appeared in: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Sunday Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor, Farm Women, Illinois Magazine, Illinois Audubon, Frogpond, and Mayfly. Her photography is sold at the Springfield State Museum Shop, the Rend Lake Illinois Artisan's Shop, and Componere Gallery, University City, Missouri.

For further information on her work, please write to:

Gretchen Batz • Maybeck Place 1 • Elsah, IL 62028
or phone (618) 374-1599.

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