SKY IN MY TEACUP by Anne LB Davidson
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Author's Preface

Haiku was a grand discovery for me. I had written nine fiction books and one non-fiction, with just one novel reaching publication. (It was a decided non-best-seller.) Haiku opened up a completely new art for me to develop.

Photography has always been a favorite occupation. I soon realized that my writing and photos shared a common spirit. I believe haiku should be felt, not analyzed; and I hope this offering brings a small portion of the pleasure I have had in creating it.

About Anne LB Davidson

I was born in Schenectady, New York, where I lived until my marriage. Although I attended three universities, I graduated from none. My real education has come from life. My husband and I have lived in Alabama, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Cape Cod, and Australia.

We are now happily settled in Maine where we intend to stay. We live in a "just right-sized" small house to which we've added solar panels. We have a productive organic garden in summer, and lots of wood stove fires in the winter. Our three daughters are grown; our second family consists of three wonderful dogs. We love to travel—by ship, I don't fly; and we don't own a computer, cell phone, or microwave oven. We play a lot of Scrabble.

                                Anne LB Davidson

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