Author's Introduction: Poetic Vision

The opportunity to combine both haiku and photography has been one of creative joy. My days are full of insightful moments. This ability to capture those moments both on film and with the written word brings a deep satisfaction.

Often where one art form ends the other begins. There is a dialogue between the two forms. Both have a visual quality, spoken in two different languages. Poetic vision would best describe the fusion of the two art forms. To see and hear the heartbeat of the natural world. To capture the spontaneity of a moment of insightfulness. To evoke a subtle yet elusive sense of discovery.

My days unfold often like a treasure hunt. The prize is to convey to an unknown audience the deeper sense of oneself. Most of the feelings that quality haiku bring forth awaken an old emotion or bring a burst of instant enlightenment from a deep well of memories. Childhood, friendships, separations, first experiences, roads traveled in a life lived fully. The gift of haiku is to recall a special feeling.

The dream quality of painted words let the imagination drift to special moments we all have. The challenge photographically is to be visually suggestive and not undermine the beauty of a few carefully chosen words. Both the haiku and the photograph must let you enjoy the moment of crossing the threshold.

-- Garry Gay


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