Global Haiku • July 2019
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Alison Kite

Yoko Warau

Alison Kite

Introduction: Poetry meets history, meets drama, meets my emotional hot mess of a life. Somehow when these things all meet, beautiful forms of mediocre Haikus are born. Now what you are about to read is my bad nights, intertwined with my good. Haikus about my slightly inconvenienced days along with my best. Now these stories are no longer my own. I hope these haiku can become yours as well. Just remember as you read this; don’t take life too seriously, love is love even when it hurts, laugh often . . . Seriously. You need to laugh more.

in the summer sun
his uniform dries
every stain has a name

red roses
mahogany caskets
my innocence lowered into the ground

powder snow
her priorities
kept her awake for days

years ago
his green bed sheets
fire and gasoline

starting the garden
black eyed susan’s
never ask for help

long night
drinking wine in a crowd
people i don't really like

farmers market
white annuals
finally, something i can rely on . . .

midnight moon
summer breeze
abrupt stop to smell a tree

with coffee
as dark as her soul
she adds a little creamer

© 2019, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.