Global Haiku • July 2019
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jennifer Dial

Strung Through Time

Jennifer Dial


My method for writing haiku is fairly simple. While other authors use more of an academic standard or rules for writing Haiku, my goal is to make the reader feel something, it does not necessarily have to be the emotion I felt as I wrote it, but I do want my haiku to evoke an emotion within the reader. In my opinion, Haiku is more than poetry, it’s an art form, which is why it’s so important to me to convey emotion to the reader. It is my belief that all of life is simply a bunch of small moments strung together by time, so most of my Haiku is about moments that really meant something to me.


blue car
her warm laugh
i could listen forever

your floral chair


blue eyes
i could swim forever

Irish whiskey
an all-nighter

warm summer night
laying by the pond
listen to the crickets

walking to the game
dad lets me ride
on his shoulders

washing dishes
the chipped teacup
still my favorite


alone at last
I dance around the house
in my underwear

orange couch
the fire between us
brightly burns

little giggles
fill the room . . .
right hand blue

crunchy leaves
beneath deer hooves
i draw my arrow

old dresser
the squeaky drawer
hold my memories

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