Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Erika Castanon

Alone on the Course

Erika Castanon

After reading and writing haiku for a whole semester I feel like I’ve become a more creative person. This class has taught me to use my imagination. Throughout my life I have loved science, but this class has made me fall in love with the art of making haiku. I’m a shy person and this class has made me step out of my comfort zone. This class has helped me personally and socially, because I’m more talkative than I ever used to be. This will also help me in my professional setting, because I’m able to be more creative and I’m more social than I ever was. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to take this class and learn about haiku. Erika Castanon, Spring 2020

birds chirping
alone on the course
I'm at peace

sun screen applied
gold shoes on
South Side Country Club

Mcdonald’s run
in the night
Diet Coke

This haiku was inspired off of the countless Mcdonald’s runs during the night when I’m at school. I think I have at least one Diet Coke per day, it all just depends. It is my favorite pop to drink, and no one will ever be able to change my mind. I would always run to Mcdonald’s when I was studying for an exam to get some caffeine in me. All my friends like to make jokes that I rely on Diet Coke to fuel my body, and honestly, they are not wrong. I love this haiku because it reminds of the good times when I was at school and would run with my friends to go get pops from Mcdonald’s. Erika Castanon, Spring 2020

watching movies
sipping on Diet Coke
social distancing

This is one of my favorite haiku that I wrote because I love watching movies and drinking Diet Coke. You can always catch me drinking Diet Coke at any time during the day. I’m also a movie lover and could sit and watch movies for days. Since quarantine started, I think I have watched about every movie I own. My family can always find me propped in my recliner with a bowl of popcorn, and a Diet Coke in the cup holder. I’ve definitely been watching movies to avoid doing my homework and studying as well. Erika Castanon, Spring 2020

listening to music
alone . . .

I wrote this haiku because I brought back memories when I was upset, and I would go for a drive. I would play music and just try to clear my mind. There is not much to do in Indiana, so I would sometimes go for a ride by myself. I love to take car rides and have the windows rolled down. I like to go for car rides alone because I try to find time for myself every now and then. I love listening to music every chance I get, so I like that I get to listen to my playlists as I drive down country backroads. Erika Castanon, Spring 2020

sitting at home
the dog yawns . . .
it’s time for a walk

running late
shirt on backwards
I sprint to the first hole


hot chocolate
in bed
just because

summer time
her hair
smells like roses

hair a mess
running late
sorority house

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