Global Haiku • Spring 2020
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Hannah Watts

Life Alongside Mother Nature

Hannah Watts

This collection is full of some of the author's favorite haiku written throughout the semester. The title is a combination of how some of the haiku were written and a preview for the haiku you are about to read from the collection. Several haiku in the collection are about observing the outdoors or your surroundings while walking through life. Another way this title could be interpreted is by inferring the dogs and puppies within the haiku are just a part of mother nature. I chose the haiku for this collection simply by choosing haiku that were a great example of how haiku work and also by choosing haiku that made me as the author take my imagination further. My hopes are that all of these haiku can take the reader to a specific place and imagine what is going on and tell their own story or have a similar experience that they are then able to share a past story or memory.

after inch 
snowed in

endless curving 
around and around 
Tennessee mountains

the boat rocking back 
. . . and forth
like a baby in a mother’s arms

we separate
I miss you . . . r 
family the most

greeted at the door
old age
tail no longer wags



sniff.. sniff..
new puppy

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