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Raymond Roseliep
The Collected Haiku of Raymond Roseliep

ISBN 978-1-929820-15-3 • 2018
224 pages clothbound • $40.00 US

Brooks Books is pleased to announce the publication of the The Collected Haiku of Raymond Roseliep, edited by Randy and Shirley Brooks.

This collector’s edition of all known published haiku by Raymond Roseliep follows extensive research and includes citations of first and subsequent publication of each haiku. This book is a tribute to the life and haiku of this prolific and admired poet, and its compilation has been a labor of love by the editors, with help from many others.

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Raymond Roseliep
100 Haiku for 100 Years: A Celebration of Raymond Roseliep

ISBN 1-929820-14-6 • hand-sewn • 2017
32 pages (4.25" X 8.5") • $12.00 US

Randy and Shirley Brooks, Editors, have selected 100 favorite haiku for this commemorative collection. Many of these haiku by Raymond Roseliep have appeared in multiple journals and poetry anthologies.

This edition is limited to 100 numbered copies, hand-sewn with pearlized cream paper and pearlized silver cover. It was released on August 11, 2017 at the 100th Birth Anniversary of Rev. Raymond Roseliep at Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa.

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Tazuo Yamaguchi
HAIKU: the Art of the Short Poem

ISBN 978-1-929820-10-8
paperback & DVD © 2008
96 pages (5.5 X 8.5)
$14.00 plus $3.00 postage

Brooks Books is pleased to announce the publication of HAIKU: The Art of the Short Poem, a film by Tazuo Yamaguchi. The haiku cited or read in the film are published in this book/DVD combo as a haiku anthology featuring contemporary English-language haiku writers.

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Caroline Gourlay
Lull Before Dark: Haiku by Caroline Gourlay

ISBN 1-929820-09-7• perfectbound • Dec 2005
64 pages (5" X 6.5") • $10.00 US

With each successive reading of Lull Before Dark, we hope the reader becomes more engrossed with Caroline Gourlay’s haiku. Full of earthly creatures, heartfelt moments, light, dark, and everything in between, this collection not only brings us closer to the Welsh countryside—which often serves as her inspiration—but also brings us closer to the root of humanity, to the simple moments that give our lives meaning.

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Peggy Lyles
To Hear the Rain: Selected Haiku of Peggy Lyles
© 2002. Clothbound, (5.5" X 8.5") 128 pages.
ISBN: 0-929820-03-8
$22 USA (plus $3.00 postage)

A clothbound edition of selected haiku by Peggy Lyles, one of the leading American haiku authors and co-editor of Heron's Nest.

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George Swede; Randy Brooks, editor
Almost Unseen: Selected Haiku of George Swede

© 2000. Clothbound, (5.5" X 8.5") 128 pages. ISBN 0-913719-99-4    out of print

This clothbound edition collects the best haiku by George Swede, written and published over the last thirty years. Swede is very well known for his humor and psychological insights, writing haiku from all aspects of his life.

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Wally Swist
The Silence Between Us:
Selected Haiku of Wally Swist

© 2005. perfectbound, 128 pages (5.5" X 8.5"), ISBN 1-929820-07-0 $10.00 US

Wally Swist has been an active contributor to the American haiku community since the 1970s, publishing haiku in numerous haiku magazines and serving as book review editor for Modern Haiku magazine from 1989 until 1997. Several chapbooks of his haiku have been published over the last fifteen years, and he has four books of lyric or narrative poetry in print. His haiku have been included in several major haiku anthologies and published in many magazines, so it is with great pleasure that Brooks Books publishes a gathering of Wally Swist’s best haiku into this collection, The Silence Between Us.

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O. Mabson Southard
Deep Shade Flickering Sunlight
Selected Haiku of O Mabson Southard

© 2004. perfectbound, 128 pages (5.5" X 8.5"), ISBN 1-929820-05-4 $16.00 US

This collection includes the very best work by one of the leading pioneers exploring the art of haiku in English in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Southard spent a significant portion of his life’s literary work developing his approach to the genre. O Mabson Southard has continued to receive critical acclaim and the recognition he deserves in anthologies of haiku, but most of his work is out of print or in magazines which are difficult to find. With this collection, his work can now be more fully considered by haiku scholars and enjoyed by contemporary haiku readers.

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Akito Arima; Lee Gurga & Emiko Miyashita, translators. Einstein's Century: Akito Arima's Haiku © 2001. Perfect bound, (5.5" X 8.5") 128 pages. ISBN 1-929820-01-1    $16.00

"Dr Akito Arima combines a certain traditional elegance, and the seasoned perspective of a world traveled professor and scientist. He maintains the depth and lightness of true haiku, yet fluently covers places and spaces, and as a family person at that. I warmly welcome this fine collection into the world of American poetry."

—Gary Snyder
Davis, California

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Masajo Suzuki; Lee Gurga & Emiko Miyashita, translators. Love Haiku: Masajo Suzuki's Lifetime of Love © Sept., 2000. Perfect bound, (5.5" X 8.5") 112 pages. ISBN 1-929820-00-3    $15.00

Masajo Suzuki started writing haiku in 1936 and has steadily been writing love haiku ever since. This collection gathers 150 of her best haiku, complete with Japanese kanji, romaji and English versions and some annotations and notes as needed. The translators are both leading haiku poets in their own langauges, which makes this collection of translations especially high quality.

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Paul O. Williams. Outside Robins Sing: Selected Haiku © July 1999. Handsewn accordian fold, (4.5" X 5.5") 56 pages. ISBN 0-913719-98-6    $30.00

Paul O. Williams, President of the Haiku Society of America, offers the best of his haiku from over thirty years of writing. Handsewn in an accordian fold, this book clusters the haiku into seven reading arenas. Graphic design and photographs by Millikin University students, Julie Lycan and Jeremy Coulter.

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Lee Gurga; Randy Brooks, editor. Fresh Scent: Selected Haiku of Lee Gurga © June 1998. Clothbound, (5.5" X 8.5") 128 pages. ISBN 0-913719-86-2

First place, Merit Book Award from the Haiku Society of America for the best haiku book publsihed in 1998. Lee Gurga has achieved wide-spread recognition for his contributions to haiku in English. We are pleased to share 135 of his best haiku in this collection.

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