Global Haiku • Fall 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Daniel Clear

Beautiful Mess

Daniel Clear

This collection of haiku are my favorite haiku written in the Fall of 2021. They are, like all art, little pieces of my soul. Over this semester I have been working to accept myself and what is around me for what is. At this point in the process I see myself as a mess, still somebody who has growth to do and things to learn, but a beautiful mess. I cannot wait to see what I become. These haiku contain pieces of me--memories, joys, regrets, musings, and jokes--of where I am and how I've grown right here and now.

velvet horns bloodied
       skin hanging loose
a new season begins

rain puddles
the sun hasn't come out
cold soup

I didn't
 No . . .
my fault?

walking for miles
I know
    exactly where I am

lying on the couch
      cold wind blows
  dead leaves

crying into my soup
    call that
French onion

your face cracks
  two dimples appear
    pixies dancing

I met my inner child
and hugged him
putting my pieces together

nother asleep
on the couch
I tuck in her feet

open the door
take two steps
breathing is easier now

  nighttime rumbling
on the tracks
  then a blast of thunder

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.