Global Haiku • Fall 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Diana Hernandez

Moment by Moment

Diana Hernandez

My inspiration for life and my haiku collection is my family. Especially as a first-generation student I am extremely proud to express my culture and upbringing in my courses. The title of my haiku collection, “moment by moment”, is inspired by moments in time where I learned to appreciate my family and how I grew up. As we pass through life in a hast, it is easy to forget to live in the current moment and enjoy life with others. Some of these haiku are memories filled with laughter and love and others are filled with sadness or anger. Collectively they take you through moments by moments in my life.

prosperity on my dress
gifts from loved ones
our first dance

a crying lullaby
for her dead children
La Llorona

skulls embraced by marigolds
my hand on her headstone
“I miss you abuelita”

yearly suffocation
in the cake
“Happy Birthday!”

first dance of the night
father whispers “you are my pride”
Tiempo de vals


first generation student
my mom explains
I can’t afford trouble

I kiss my grandparents
See you next time?

the lights flicker
my sister sleepwalking
I lock my room

I gave you half of my day
by making your
favorite soup

she knew two languages
assigned to a lifelong job
of being her personal interpreter

a simple family goes
apple picking each year
simple never existed in my family

a dress passed on
in Honor
of the culture

sea of vibrancy
the women, they dance
to the sound of old songs


cup of abuelita’s
homemade chocolate
warmth Overflowing

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