Global Haiku • Fall 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Trinity Pesko

about the author

Trinity Pesko is a sophomore BFA Acting major from Phillips, WI. Although she has dabbled in songwriting and other forms of poetry, this is her first experience with haiku. She has thoroughly enjoyed this class and is excited to continue her journey reading and writing haiku in the future.

Strawberry Pie

Trinity Pesko

Strawberry Pie is Trinity Pesko's first haiku collection. She enjoys writing about very emotional expericnes, often about love, hate, and food. She hopes you find her haiku comforting like a warm blanket and a piece of strawberry pie. The "strawberry pie" haiku is the namesake for this collection. It is also her first haiku combining love and food which has inspired many more.

frozen ankles
we kiss
in front of a waterfall

meeting the parents
my mom gives him
the family egg

church gathering
everyone asks
the same questions

sticky note
on a pasta bowl
see you after class

he raises his voice
the skin near my nail
begins to bleed

Christmas wish list
I would like
to like me

couple’s corn maze race
the pair not dating
finishes fastest

doves in separate trees
would you like to live
with mom or dad

peach juice
from a thimble
summer memories

new tear stains
in her dairy
daisy petals

empty apartment
I allow myself
to take up space

cleaned the living room
for no one
but me

hush now
the tea is boiling

if only
your mother knew
used ABBA album

an angel’s wings
when did you decide
to grab your scissors

train whistle
I yell for all
the times you lied

first party after
my personality
is Prozac

walk in the woods
to save my life
all that oxygen

my hand in
your hair
a dog’s ear

your blue eyes
my past lives were spent
loving you

floured hands, apron
your lips taste
like strawberry pie

aunt's handwriting
the stroke lingers
in her finger tips

shared thoughts
tying the knot
with red thread

all those haiku
about love and food
love and food


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