Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Bella Birdsley

Of Your Flesh and Blood

Bella Birdsley


undress the day
talk shit
with my friends

December air
school bus gossip
red suited epiphany

dead flowers
has it really been
that long

clown costume in your size
out of stock

worn soles
tired tied laces
putting myself in their shoes

pulling out my eyelashes
to make more

diluted coffee
college students
can't finish anything on time

roses in water
can’t drown
even when they want to

climbing down the fire escape
scared of the spark
you started

eight legs or just two
we all weave webs
not always silk

sacrificed like a pawn
desired like a king
custody ends in a draw again

untouched bedspread
just how I left it
time capsule from august

a penny
for your thoughts
I’d give my life savings

true to your roots
you gave the world
an Irish goodbye

© 2023, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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