Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Cami Jones

The Beauty of the Mundane

Cami Jones

I have selected my favorite haiku that I have written this semester that range from comedic haiku to serious ones about relationships and the mundane tasks of life. I think finding beauty in situations that it can be difficult to, whether positive or negative experiences, is one of the best parts about getting to live our lives.

falling asleep
star gazing  
wishing they were real 

sitting for hours
going in circles 
life updates

dance when no one
is watching 
a two way mirror  

have to make 
life changing decisions 
i’ll call my mom 

laughter echos 
everyone looks around
her mic was on

red stoplight 
rock paper scissors 
with a cute stranger

walk onto a elevator 
full of people 
I sort of know 

a very crowded room
I must take up 
no space 

flowers made of plastic 
remind me of him
they last longer

she smiled at her reflection
and for the first time 
it smiled back 

all shapes and sizes 
finally meant something 
to her 


lights off 
a phone call in the dark

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