Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Eden Niebrugge

Reader Response Essay

Feminine Rage Haiku




The Words I Declare

Eden Niebrugge

More often than not, the struggle to correctly express ourselves ends in failure, embarrassment, or misrepresentation. In poetry, there’s always time to write carefully, pick your words, and restrain yourself. But what’s the fun in that? How will you ever show the people you love and appreciate the real you? How will you find you?

This signature haiku collection consists of all the words I wish I could declare but don’t. Until now. From love and anger haiku to the sweet hibiscus tea where I wish I could be, allow this bouquet of haiku to grant you a voice. You deserve it.

one step, two step
dancing to a song
i don't know

gardenias and daisies
at my doorstep
the words i declare

liminal space—
waiting for you
after that text

let's fall in love
to piss off
our parents

coffee or tea?
whatever you'll
drink with me

in love with
sorority siblinghood,
or perhaps just her

my lilac limbo—
a lavendar garden
rocking me to sleep

aposematic animals—
yet you were just
a white canvas

racism paints
my high school
gym floor

put me in a box
and ship me back;
i'm ill with rage

bite my tongue
swallow my teeth
this teenage anger

warm tea
near a fireplace
home is with her

money plate
passed around
not a dollar from me

empty mailbox
i pick wildflowers
on the way back

have empty or
half full?
pour some more

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