Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Grace Brixa

Christmas Card
A Haiku Collection

Grace Brixa

This collection contains the author's favorite haiku she has written over the course of her 2023 Fall semester at Millikin. The collection has no theme but demonstrates a variety of styles she enjoys.

eyelashes touch and
hold themselves together
in darkness

a full moon
but it was supposed to
be bigger

monday morning
I whisper to myself I will
. . . start tomorrow

I slowly release his hand
sometimes faith has
growing pains

free falling
the silence amplifies
my heart beat

he left so quickly
thanking God
I never would've left first

falling slowly
into the comfort of
my angel

October 31st
the first day of

shallow sigh the closeness of a rising moon

cookies or brownies
I guess we could
just have both

© 2023, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.