Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Hannah Smith

Footprints in Haiku

Hannah Smith

Writing haiku is like taking a picture on your phone that you forget about for a while, but whenever you stumble back to it, it fills you with that same feeling you had when you took it. I love the feeling that writing a haiku to capture a moment or feeling and coming back to it later to relive. Haiku can be fun, heartbreaking, angry, and everything in-between.

long way to go
walks to class
easier with you

guest bedroom
in a house
that used to be mine

the greeks loved your figure
why can't

mirror affirmations
telling myself
i AM happy

learning to love
the little girl
locked inside me

savory bagel order
time to do homework
in bite-sized pieces

fingernail snags
on my favorite sweater

boxed pancake batter
all I have left
of you

stuck in angel wings
never promoted
to a god

you should smile more
you should
shut the fuck up

sunset in her hair
wild girlhood

skin like rasins
fuck the fountain of youth
growin gold with you

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