Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kaia Garbacz




My Heart's Stove

Kaia Garbacz

I often find that my best haiku come from my subconscious, floating around me as thoughts that I must catch and write down before they fade away. Usually, I grasp onto a single line and build the haiku around it, calling a deeper attention to the more universal experiences of life.

The title "My Heart's Stove", while a line from my personal favorite haiku that I have written, also signifies how my internal experiences are processed and consumed by readers like you—much like a meal made by a close friend.


This collection is dedicated bo my wonderful boyfriend, Daniel,
and all my siblings at Alpha Chi Omega.

baby's all nighter
two new teeth
to smile with

dead herb garden
our first kiss
one year ago

underground library
unlike the engineers
the corn gets some sun

family home falls apart
long cracked planks
she was the glue

emptying her pockets
before the school dance
a break-up note

unlock the mystery
the urge to lick
the Petri plate

Autumn rain
soaking me with
thoughts of you

bin of costumes
mom's first wedding dress
make believe

A princess, a crayon, and a lobster
walk into
my grass, dammit

new thoughts, old patterns
secondhand smoke
on mom's hoodie

pencil-drawn hearts
sweaty love note
my name spelled wrong


waiting for you
feeling like a straight guy
in Victoria's Secret

Winter storm
his hot chocolate eyes
warm me up

Dandelion seeds
do you really blame me
for running away?

someone's cat
but surely not mine
clay paw prints


cold apple cider
a dash
of mom's fireball

sorority house kitchen
the girl who warms
my heart's stove

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All rights returned to authors upon publication.