Global Haiku • Fall 2023
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Maddie Alger




A Collection of Memory

Maddie Alger

These are some of my best haiku I have written during this semester in Global Haiku. I have gone through a lot this semester, and I feel as though each of these haiku reflect my innermost thoughts in specific moments throughout the semester. Whether it is about home, fall, relationships, or new experiences, each of these haiku hold a special place in my heart and reveal my innermost thoughts and emotions. I have allowed myself to be vulnerable while writing these haiku, and I am grateful to have the opportunity to share them with all of you.

before bedtime
my grandma kisses my grandpa
on her nightstand

rose colored glasses
in the driveway
sh  at t er   ed

bottom of the laundry basket
your pajama pants
still keep me warm

lonely sunday night
i remember the way he said
i love you

grandpa’s knitted sweater
sleeves past my hands
still keeps me warm

two places
two versions of me
there’s no place like home

your fingerprints
on my rear view mirror
all that remains of us

nails grown out
hair in a ponytail
sensory overload

otters swimming
how free they look
in an enclosure

no more screens
masks come off
nose like that?

eyes flutter open
first breath in
bacon creeping up the stairs

honeymoon phase
reliving the firsts
my alarm goes off

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