Global Haiku • July 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Just Like Her Mother

Crystal Claros

As I’ve written a lot of my work, I noticed there was a theme of reflection. I thought about my mom a lot as well as nostalgic pieces of childhood. Something I think ties these two together is the connection of generations. One of my personal biggest goals is to be an amazing mother and I thought a lot about my future as well as my past and thought this title captured that. I talk a lot about my love life, my relationship with myself and things that remind me of childhood. Take what you want from what I have and leave what you don’t need, I like to think there is a little bit of something for everyone.


ocean breeze
the little thumb rub
as we hold hands

his singing echoes—
my kitchen
is his stage

half-eaten dinner
pillow over her tummy
he can't know she eats

on her hands and knees
praying and cleaning
just like her mother


wide black eyes
his small green hands
rest on Din's cheeks

a final goodbye
"I love you"
"I know."

betrayed and blinded
you did
what you were meant to do

cold mist on skin

purple sunset
both moons
slowly rise

attractive little grin
       scruffy looking
       nerf herder

the galaxy
in her eyes
"you're my only hope"

tiny bugs running
on a mission for food
get out of my purse

childhood friends
having children
I just turned 21


midnight movie night
she shows her son
the real willy wonka

duck family
swim in harmony
they are the blueprint

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