Global Haiku • May 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jake Pietryk





Wacky Words

Jake Pietryk

Wacky Words: I felt like this was the perfect title for my Haiku. I feel like learning about Haiku and the more I wrote, I found myself digging deeper into my imagination and viewing the world as I have never before. I feel like all of my Haiku are kind of all over the place when it comes to words and topics. I found myself thinking outside the box and using my brain and eyes to see nature and be able to write on my experiences with much ease as the class went on. I have decided to include a variety of different approaches that I took with my work, whether they be about life, nature, or any topic in general. I have learned to be more creative and use my brain to a whole new level of thinking. Enjoy!

blizzard all around
fire crackling
grandpa begins a tale

voices from downstairs
calling for me
time to get up

engine growls
tires spinning out of control
streets left marked

climbing the hill
rocky path to the sunset
definitely worth it

bar curls
weights slamming
bulging veins

shadow in the distance
grandma is here

winter dance
going smoothly until . . . crack
I step on her toe

bad day
put my headphones in
my kind of therapy

splashes of water
skip across the lake

haunted house
covered in spider webs
just a prop, or not?

I call
my dog's name
his ears roll to the back of his head

a tiny bunch of dirt
wut to them
a whole colony

home plate
ball goes past
the catchers mitt

home team roars
tying run steals third

Jacey Centola & Jake Pietryk

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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