Global Haiku • May 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Summer's Wings

Leana Temple

The title of this haiku collection is Summer’s Wings. The first reason being the focus of the collection is summertime. The summer is the main time of the year where I can not only deeply investigate my feelings but, express them as well. It is also the time where I can spend the most time with family and friends and live life at a much slower pace, filled with more easy-going fun activities. During the school year, everything seems fast-paced. I can barely sit down and process my thoughts; this is something I am allowed during summer. Additionally, randomly, butterflies are out and about in summer, and they are creatures that I find fascinating and had to find a way to incorporate.

The second reason is the freeing element of wings. They allow flight, to wander, explore, and try new things. All of which I want to do this summer. Junior year had to be one of the hardest in my academic career. So, I will allow my mind to roam without constraints, and take advantage of the freeness of summertime.

birds are loud
so am I
this is home

coffee -- then front porch
the day has started

rope hits pavement. Smack.
Smack. Smack.
I’m not jumping in

wet sidewalk
muddy gardens

that door is closed
Slammed. Shut. Locked.

when it’s that quiet
it’s too quiet
              it’s loud

ear against the pillow
           the cool side
eyes shut

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