Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Chloe Herbert




The Beauty of Nature

Chloe Herbert

Many of my haiku have been inspired by the work of Wally Swist, as I loved the focus that he placed upon the beauty of nature. Living in a remote area, I have come to enjoy spending time in the outdoors and taking in all of its magnificence. My approach to writing haiku is rather simplistic, placing added emphasis on engaging one’s senses. It is my goal to provide readers with a scene that can be easily imagined or felt using only a few carefully selected words. In this collection, I have selected various nature haiku that I have written throughout the semester. These haiku detail the colors, sounds, aromas, and calmness that I have observed during my time in the outdoors. As many take nature for granted, it is my hope that these haiku remind readers of the many aspects that make up nature’s beauty. I am grateful to Dr. Brooks for introducing me to the art of writing haiku.

I strongly believe that my life has been enriched by learning more about the literary art of reading and writing haiku. As I am a chemistry major having no previous experience with haiku, I wasn’t sure what to expect when initially beginning this course; however, I have learned more about haiku than I could’ve ever imagined. Through studying several different authors, we have learned how divergent the art of haiku can be. The subject matter of one’s haiku is heavily dependent upon their personal interests and can cover a wide variety of topics. As I am not very creative, reading and interpreting haiku came much easier than writing; this I attribute mostly to having a background of primarily scientific writing. I didn’t realize how challenging it would be to create a haiku that flowed with elegance, as this often required me to edit several times. This knowledge of haiku that I have gained throughout the semester will assist me in my career as a chemist, as I will need to be able to communicate efficiently. The interpretation skills that I gained will assist in my ability to understand the work of other scientists.

I will be sharing the knowledge that I have gained in this class with my friends and family. Specifically, I have enjoyed writing rengay with them and will continue to do so in the future. In my personal life, learning about haiku has encouraged me to live simply and not be afraid to express myself. I have even noticed myself creating haiku during several unexpected times, mostly relating to my observations of nature. All in all, it has been interesting to observe the drastic evolution of my haiku writing abilities as I have gained experience throughout the semester. While I first considered this class solely as a requirement for my graduation, I have since realized how much I enjoy taking part in this art form and hope to continue expanding upon my knowledge in the future.

snowflakes glitter                                                         underneath                                                                  the light of the moon

the two of us                                                               surrounded by                                                             the beauty of nature

the faint sounds
of falling rain
put me to sleep

grandma's garden
overcrowded with
yellow tulips

Of all the haiku that I have written throughout the semester, I feel that this is by far my best one. I love this haiku because it reminds me of memories from my childhood, the inspiration for much of my work. As it was recognized as a class favorite, I feel that it did the same for others as well. The line breaks are my favorite aspect of this haiku, as the concept of being overcrowded can be taken several ways; that is people, plants, or another being. All in all, I feel that the language used within this haiku made it rather simplistic for readers to imagine.

petals from
her pink magnolia
fall tothe ground

awoken by sunshine
it's going to be
a good day

twisting tornadoes . . .
an eerie sense
of calmness

solo drive home
she puts down
the windows

mud covered feet
we play
near the creek

This haiku is one of my favorites because it provides readers with insight into my life that may not be well-known. I chose to write this haiku after looking through old photos with my mom, as I wanted to share a small portion of my youth with others. Living in a rural area for a majority of my childhood, my sister and I used to spend our entire weekend exploring the outdoors. While not everyone can relate to this specific memory, my goal was for readers to be reminded of an analogous situation from their own lives.

lights from
an old farmhouse
fill the night sky

I love this haiku because of how personal it is to my life. Living in the country, the darkness of nighttime can sometimes stretch for miles. This darkness is only broken up by the light from old farm houses, similar to the one in which I live with my fiance. I have always loved the peacefulness of living in a rural area, which is what I aimed to convey through this haiku. As in many of my other poems, I feel that this haiku provides a clear image for readers to imagine.  

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