Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Marissa Garcia

Taking Each Day
One Step at a Time

Marissa Garcia


I really enjoyed my time in Global Haiku. My approach to haiku is quite interesting. I sit in my room and I play my playlist and just imagine. I imagine what has happened in my life and reflect on it in my haiku. I really like taking my life perspectives and transforming my haiku. I find a sense of relief and sanctuary writing about my life. We all go through similar traumas and experiences and having my haiku be about mine, but a reader seeing it in a different view point truly fascinates me. Within my collection you will be able to find a sense of your own experiences while reading about mine.

During my time in Global Haiku I have noticed that many of my haiku were based on time in many different aspects. Time when it came to the stages of grief, looking and reflecting on how time is what really mends all. Time when it comes to trauma, looking back at the past and reflecting on it and how it made me a stronger individual. Time when it comes to relationships, how they start and how they grow. Many people say that time is relevant, and I whole heartedly agree. Reading a clock every couple of seconds just to see that time is slow, or looking back at the clock and see that an hour has past knowing that time has flown. Time is relevant, however time is what heals all. The numbers that tick by are the moments that can really mend the soul and cure the spirit. In this collection I want to share how it takes time to move through life and really understand why things happen for a reason.

staring into the void
endless galaxies
hidden in the fridge

floating in and out
of my text messages

through my AirPods
kitchen night club

an apple they said
one apple
my ass

her blouse flows off
a gust of wind
steals a piece of her

Saint Valentine
patron of epilepsy
. . . cupid can’t fix that

hydrangea bloom
the pollinator
steals her beauty

glitter everywhere
the herpes
of arts and crafts

matzo ball soup
wine dipped finger

flowers in full bloom
commencing sneezing attack
in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1

tide rushes in
twirling the sea foam
with a pointed toe

nothing makes sense . . .
rain pours down
onto the body bag

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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