Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Piper Charlton

Reader Response Essay
on John Parsons

The World Around Me

Piper Charlton


This collection of haiku is a symbol of my journey with my mental health this semester. Usually in my life, I tend to let myself just go and go until I crash, and I usually don’t stop to breath. This semester, I’ve been struggling with anxiety and experienced an intense anxiety attack one night a few weeks ago. Since that night, I’ve been trying to force myself to take breaks in my day and enjoy nature. I’m taking a lot more walks and admiring the living plants around me more.

I think this collection of my haiku is a good example of my everyday life now. I’m trying to be more aware, and these haikus are just some of the things I ‘ve noticed. I think they’re a good collection for me to look back on whenever I’m feeling down. They capture some really beautiful moments for me. I hope someone else can read these haiku and feel that they’re not alone. It’s ok to reach out for help or take this time to self-reflect. This class has provided a way for me to self-reflect and I think it can help a lot more people.

take a deep breath.
live to the fullest.
love each other.

Piper Charlton

all you need is love
   all you need is love
      all you need is love

rolling left to right
basking in the sun
oh, to be a kitty

a bird soars overhead
off to a destination
of its own choosing

a soft breeze
from my window
I breathe in

sun on my face
wishing I was
in Brazil


the sun tickles my face
as the wind dances
in my long hair

notes of fresh flowers
around me

a quiet, little pond . . . bustling with life

a little orange tree
all on its own
a Pixar short

my heart stops.
when I see
his car

arts & crafts
making my bracelet
the color of the rainbow

© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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