Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Savana Prasun




The Old Gods Are In Here

Savana Prasun

These haiku represent a lot of emotion in my life. I have always had an influx of emotion. Emotion in my main motivator in life. Unfortunately, that also entails a lot of negative emotions. In order to explain these emotions, poetry as always been a means. Haiku, it turns out, is an excellent poetic style for my emotional release. These haiku are a reflection of my mind, and how I deal with that.

My haiku about the “Old Gods’” shadows are some of my favorite haiku that I have written. The reason I like them so much is because of what they imply when put together. By themselves, they are quite descriptive and unique; but all together, they form a tale of ancient beings and what they left us with. Their shadows cross every door, every hill, every street, every plain, and every corner of this world. They hide in their own shadows and in the whispers of the wind. People have forgotten what they sound and feel like. It isn’t like they don’t hear, see, or feel them, they have just forgotten the sensations. The story that is told by all of these haiku are able to give a clear picture of something mystical. Everything leaves something behind. We always take those things for granted. Somethings are gone, but some never forget.

the moon waxes and wanes
and no matter what
she is powerful

the sand spreads
no more green
no more

I hear my name
i’m all alone

empty house
of long forgotten screams

the mountain
its hues
extend to the universe

in the dark
tell me i’m worthless

make sure
that you love yourself . . .


rhyming demon
tied to a
noble knight

the x-men
of England

puff of smoke


cursed man
promised to hell
blood red tie

outer space bounty hunter
not a care
“bite me fanboy”

hidden from sight

man of vengeance
against the world
punishing himself

young boy
given a gift

sharp claws
short king


© 2021, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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