Spring Fever:
A 36 Link Kasen-no-renga

Brianne Dilbeck • Tony Douglass • Jenny McGeehon

Global Haiku Tradition
Millikin University, Spring 2004

Spring Fever


crowded playground
children enjoy
first days of Spring

       cool breeze
       storm clouds fill the sky

surprised eyes
kids disappear

       fireflies unseen

crescent moon
the journey home
dodging puddles

       black night
       no signs of life


choppy lake
white caps test
a skier

       sandy beach
       unoccupied shells

fresh cut grass
father and son
play catch

       red lollipop
       ants feast

light breeze
their hammock

       broken egg
       bird's nest above


tornado hits
moon reveals
a family's loss

       tall oak tree
       split down the middle

school parking lot
a doe nurses
her fawn

       unexpected heat
       flowers emerge

afternoon picnic
by cherry blossoms

       plump red tomatoes
       destroyed by nature's guest


lightning bolt
smoke fills the air
child cries for help

       rushing to get home
       roads closed…flooding

clouds threaten
heard for miles

       golf ball size hail
       dents in the hood

dinner at home
dad grills
a bird's nest

       wet grass
       clogs the lawnmower


children's playground
swings sway

       fallen tree
       rubbish from the storm

…gossip scattered

       weather forecast
       he prepares for the worst

calm evening
full and bright

       light breeze
       curtains block the view


spring day
in full bloom

       grandma's kitchen
       aroma hits the air

afternoon nap
search for mom

       rainbow kite
       lost in the clouds

journey home
cherry blossoms
lead the way

       journey of love
       new life begins

• • •

©2004 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors