The Virgil Hutton Memorial Chapbook Awards 1999-2000

Haiku collections by Del Doughty of Huntington, Indiana; Jim Kacian of Winchester, Virginia; Peggy Willis Lyles, Georgia; and Chris Pusateri of Mexico City, Mexico captured the four winning chapbooks in the Virgil Hutton Haiku Memorial Award Chapbook Contest for 1999-2000.

A celebration of haiku, as well as a fitting memorial tribute to the late haiku poet, Virgil Hutton, this contest is sponsored by the Hutton family and Saki Press, Normal, Illinois. This second annual haiku chapbook contest had entries from the US, Canada, Mexico, England, New Zealand, and Australia.

Saki Press

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the sound of breathing
by Del Doughty

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-06-7

doughDoughty is an assistant professor of English at Huntington College in Huntington, Indiana. This is a textured collection of haiku and senyru which explores the tension between convention and tradition on the one hand, and singularity and perception on the other.

              summer night—
        a carload of college girls
              timing the greenlights

"An image of the speed with which the 'prime of life' happens" --Del Doughty

Kacian is a writer and professional tennis professional living in Winchester, Virginia, who is currently editor of Frogpond and publisher of Red Moon Press. This collection presents a score of haiku contrasting image, form, and sound from a magical Turkish night's concert in the ruins of the ancient town of Ephesus.

               in concert
               the violin soloist
               and his shadows

"Written on the occasion in this format as a thank you for the many responsible…" —Jim Kacian

In Concert
by Jim Kacian

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-07-5

Thirty-Six Tones
by Peggy Willis Lyles

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-02-4

Lyles is a former college teacher and poetry editor of the Georgia Journal. This collection provides an inventive utilization of kasen renku conventions in arranging a selection of her favorite haiku--each one celebrating a moment of genuine experience and resonating from its particular emotional tone.

               antique globe
               the names of places
               worn away

" . . . recognizing contemporary haiku as a global literature--democratic, inclusive, richly varied, and capable of nurturing great poets for the 21st century.."—Peggy W. Lyles

Pusateri is a teacher of business English for Professional Language Services in Mexico City. This collection points to the strong influence of "home" and returning to it, even if only in our dreams, recollections, and writing.

               seven to a room—
               three in bed, four on the floor—
               a chorus of crickets

"No matter where we are, our sense of home follows us--we carry it with us everywhere we go."—Chris Pusateri

Magnetic North
by Chris Pusateri

Saki Press Chapbook

Haiku Harvest
by Virgil Hutton

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-10-5

A new compilation of 50 haiku and senyru by the late haiku poet, Virgil Hutton gathered from his private files and journal notes, the collection presents some of his personal favorites plus a few works in progress.

               harvesting the wheat field—
               trail of golden dust

"The two basics that I strive for in haiku writing are simplicity and profundity … One's poems ideally should leave one with a sense of yet undiscovered meanings and nuances." —Virgil Hutton

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