The Virgil Hutton Memorial Chapbook Awards 2000-2001

Haiku poetry collections by Johnny Baranski of Portland, Oregon; D. Claire Gallagher of Sunnyvale,California; Elizabeth Hazen of Winooski, Vermont; and Robert Major of Poulsbo, Washington, snatched the four winning slots for publication in the Virgil Hutton Haiku Memorial Award Chapbook Contest for 2001-2002.

A celebration of haiku, as well as a fitting memorial tribute to the late haiku poet, Virgil Hutton, this contest is sponsored by the Hutton family and Saki Press, Normal, Illinois. This second annual haiku chapbook contest had entries from the US, Canada, Mexico, England, New Zealand, and Australia.

In this time of world change and reconsideration of what is important, haiku poetry continues to sustain us while providing hope and beauty, even joy and a pinch of wisdom, with insights not only for this time but for all time… Haiku offer continuity and a meaning to our existence on this earth and help to bring us into harmony and balance with nature and our fellow man.  The four winning chapbook collections for this year's contest illustrate the diverse mix of the traditional form and celebrate, each in its own way, those unique haiku moments as seen through special "eyes" and in circumstances that touch and involve us all in that moment as well.

The contest was sponsored by the Hutton Family and Saki Press, Normal, Illinois, as a tribute to the memory of the late haiku poet, Virgil Hutton. It is also a celebration of the haiku form. The third biennial haiku chapbook memorial award contest attracted entries from the U.S.A., Canada, England, Austria, Sweden, New Zealand, and Australia.

Saki Press
1021 West Gregory
Normal, IL 61761

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Convicts Shoot the Breeze
by Johnn Baranski

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-11-3

Johnny Baranski is a haiku poet and working bookkeeper living in Portland, Oregon. In this collection the poet's "haiku moments" center on his glimpses of the human spirit and its oneness with nature from behind bars. Structured within such a confining environment there remains a universe of experience for the poet that enables him to provide a tone of strength and unity encompassing man and nature throughout his work.

          Prevailing wind!
    neither prison bars nor spider web
            yield to it

"In prison...the haiku poet is held images that reflect the true nature of liberation." —Johnny Baranski

D. Claire Gallagher, a haiku poet living in Sunnyvale, California, is the editor-in-chief of Mariposa, the journal of the Haiku Poets of Northern California, as well as being named a new editor for Red Moon Anthology.  The haiku in this collection focus on those moments in nature, time, space, and perception...when a shift or transition, however small, occurs. The haiku reflect the poet's keen awareness and attention to cycles of nature and man's kinship to it.

          budding maples—
          how fast the ground moves
          under his tricycle

"It is the transitions, not the distinct (seasonal) divisions, that I am interested in..."—D. Claire Gallagher

How Fast the Ground Moves
by D. Claire Gallagher

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-12-1

Back Roads With a White Cane
by Elizabeth Hazen

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-13-X

Elizabeth Hazen, a writer, artist, and poet from Winooski, Vermont, works to make haiku available to persons who cannot read print and to introduce sighted readers to the context of those who are blind.  A richly drawn and inspired collection of haiku which connects the layers of perception the poet experienced while blind.  Crisp, vivid imagery from an unusual perspective contributes to additonal understanding of nature, the earth, and one another.

          fall rain
          the patter
          of pine needles

"When I became blind, the distinctions between my other four senses blurred, and my awareness of place and the present moment sharpened."—Elizabeth Hazen

Robert Major is a retired editor from the University of Washington's Office of Publications and a former Regional Coordinator for the Northwest Region of the Haiku Society of America.  His chapbook collection, subtitled "haiku of childhood," allows the reader a nostalgic return to a simpler time when life seemed easier and a lot more fun. The haiku embrace the strength and security of home, family, and community which provide a continuity in childhood...

          Playing hide-and-seek
          on a long summer's evening...
          called home one by one

"In youth we learn; in age we understand." —Marie Eschenbach

Coasting Through Puddles
by Robert Major

Saki Press Chapbook

Haiku Harvest
by Virgil Hutton

Saki Press Chapbook
ISBN 1-893823-10-5

A new compilation of 50 haiku and senyru by the late haiku poet, Virgil Hutton gathered from his private files and journal notes, the collection presents some of his personal favorites plus a few works in progress.

               harvesting the wheat field--
               trail of golden dust

"The two basics that I strive for in haiku writing are simplicity and profundity… One's poems ideally should leave one with a sense of yet undiscovered meanings and nuances." —Virgil Hutton

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