Global Haiku • July 2019
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jeremiah Curry


Jeremiah Curry

Hello, My name is Jeramiah. I have recently got into making haiku in the summer of 2019. Millikin happen to be the gateway for that as well as Randy Brooks being my instructor, unlocked my creativity for producing haiku. So big thanks to him! I want to let you know that most of my haiku are about my son. If you are a parent then you understand that children become your world and I have made my world about son. I hope you get a good idea about my son and I’s relationship. Also hope for those who don’t have children that this releases another perspective to you about the beauty of children.

I would like for you to read these as they are. Once you do, please let you imagination run wild! There is no specific speed to read them!

stood up
the scarecrow and i
are the same

poor timing
got the best dad cup
this morning

she holds the ruby
for everyone to see

thoughtless words
bouquet of flowers
to hide the wounds

I love you daddy
on repeat the days
he is away


dark room
his presence alone
lights my world

wake up in the morning
with the sunshine
foot in my back

the rope broke
today i got the best
news ever

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