Global Haiku • Spring 2021
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Camryn Skundberg



New Beginnings

Camryn Skundberg

These set of haiku were some favorites of mine that I wrote this semester. They are real and connect to personal memories of mine which I hold very close to me. Haiku is new to me, so I labeled my collection “New Beginnings” because this class has opened me up to a new world of thinking and what I’ve learned here is going to be with me for the rest of my life. Haiku and learning about haiku has changed my outlook and appreciation for nature and surrounding art around me. So, here is to new beginnings.

I am going to be a high school math teacher when I graduate from college in a couple years, so I feel like it is a good thing for me to have a plethora of knowledge, not just about only my course subject. Math is a great thing and I cannot wait to teach it for the rest of my life, but connecting with my students about more than just math is very important. Building relationships in the classroom is one of the best things a teacher can do, so when one of my students expresses their interest in haiku or poems, I will be able to talk and connect with them about it. In my social life I was able to ask my friends for their opinions or ask for their help coming up with topics to write my haiku about, so it was another thing we could all talk about to bring us closer. In my personal life, I feel like learning the art of reading and writing haiku throughout this semester was a way for me to write out my feelings or what was on my mind, freely, without any judgement and it was a good escape from my regular math and education classes. I had a great semester, and I learned a lot about haiku that will always stick with me!

lonely house
but there are always
butterscotch candies

This haiku, like a lot of my haiku, was about a personal memory I have of my childhood. I would spend just about every day after school at my grandma’s house in a very quiet neighborhood unlike mine at home. She was always so great to my brother and I, and what I remember most about her house is the butterscotch candies she always had on her coffee table. I would take one (probably more than one) every time I was over there, and it was like our “thing,” so that is why she restocked them constantly. I noted that it was a lonely house for the fact it was in a quiet neighborhood and it was just her that lived there. She had a very big backyard and my brother, and I would always go play on her playset back there, too.

my mom gets involved
with Facebook
a little too much

learning to unlearn
my everyday routine

Easter Sunday
my 24-year-old brother and I
wake up to our baskets

the team hoists
the championship trophy
not a care in the world

I love this haiku because it takes me back to the day recently that my team and I got to do this after winning conference during the regular season. It is hard to describe all the feelings of that day, but what I know for a fact is that all any of us cared about in that moment, was each other. Not stressed about school or personal problems, just being in the moment. I think that is really special and something that we have worked very hard for all year, so seeing all the pieces come together and being able to share that moment with my favorite people will always hold a special place in my heart.

empty trail
I find my own

an accountant
just like my mom

I wrote the second part to this haiku, and I believe another classmate of mine wrote the original. I liked my spin on this because sometimes, things do not work out how we want them to, but that is okay. Sometimes people have big dreams but soon realize that their own path is impacted by the ones around them more than they think. I know personally I appreciate my family’s input a lot and they know me the best, so I thought this was a real take on a real-life problem I think a lot of people encounter or maybe even struggle with.

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