Haiku Review

Haiku Review (bibliographies)

In 1980 High/Coo Press began publishing bibliographies of English-language haiku books, articles, magazines, and scholarship on haiku.

Our goal was to assist haiku readers, collectors, and scholars find available haiku publications.

Each of the four editions of Haiku Review featured an extensive review of recently published haiku books by Elizabeth Searle Lamb. Another regular feature was a listing of current haiku magazines and societies including submission policies and subscription rates.

Our current bibliography is part of the Millikin Univeristy Haiku web site: MU Haiku Research

Randy Brooks, editor. Haiku Review '87
© 1987. Perfectbound, (5" X 8") 68 pages. ISBN 0-913719-87-0     $10.00

In addition to the standard bibliographical reviews, Haiku Review '87 featured essays and bibliographies on teaching haiku: language arts textbooks, films, ERIC files, essays, and haiku books for children. Michael Dudley wrote the five classic English haiku essay.

Randy Brooks, editor. Haiku Review '84
© 1984. Perfectbound, (5" X 8") 74 pages. ISBN 0-913719-71-4     $10.00

The bibliography of essays on haiku had grown considerably by 1984. Haiku Review '84 featured Marco Fraticelli's kinetic haiku for the computer screen, a special history of the Western World Haiku Society by Lorraine Ellis Harr, and a five classic English haiku essay by Anna Vakar.

Randy Brooks, editor. Haiku Review '82
© 1982. Saddle stitched, (5" X 8") 36 pages. ISBN 0-913719-81-1     $10.00

In this edition, LeRoy Gorman analyzed the possibilities of experimental, "postmodern" haiku, and Randy Brooks wrote a bibliographical essay on Raymond Roseliep's contribution to haiku in English. Betty Drevniok and Raymond Roseliep wrote the five classic English haiku essays for this edition.

Randy Brooks, editor. Haiku Review '80
© 1980. Saddle stitched, (5" X 8") 24 pages.

With this edition, Haiku Review established features of all subsequent bibliographies in this series: (1) Elizabeth Searle Lamb's review of new haiku publications, (2) the directory of haiku books in print, (3) the five favorite classic English haiku essays, and (5) the listing of current haiku magazines.

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