HIGH/COO Chapbooks
Annual Competition

Brooks Books is launching a new annual High/Coo Chapbooks competition. Each year we invite submissions of chapbook manuscripts by April 1. Three of the best submissions will be published in our new subscription series of High/Coo Chapbooks.

Why do we want to publish these under the “High/Coo Chapbooks” imprint? This new imprint honors our initial venture into publishing, which was a small press magazine: High/Coo: A Quarterly of Short Verse. “High/Coo” is an Americanized version of the Japanese term, both in appearance and conception, which is a recognition that we are promoting a contemporary English literary art.
“High/Coo” contains within it several key assumptions about our approach to haiku poetics. With “high” we embrace a poetry seeking to celebrate being alive — the emotions, feelings, perceptions, and enthusiastic realizations that come from being present to the gifts, mysteries, surprises, and insights available in our everyday lives. These are high moments of consciousness. Highlights of being alive. We love poetry that comes from deep contemplation, discovered insight and heartfelt feeling.
The “coo” refers to our responses to these high moments of being alive. As poets, we give voice to our responses. We playfully experiment with the “coo” that naturally springs out of these moments of being alive — giving voice to various states of high awareness. Our “coos” often understate or suggest the significance of what is left unsaid. Playful language hints at a state of consciousness. We like playful language!
And finally, there is the “/“ between “high” and “coo”. This represents the haiku cut, an essential silence that invites the reader into the space of the poem’s consciousness, language, and images. It is the pause that comes at various points in haiku, senryu, and tanka. A contemplative breath in the middle of things. A door that opens to invite the reader inside to a world of imaginative play.
Put these all together, and you get “High/Coo!”

Randy & Shirley Brooks

Guidelines for 2023 HIGH/COO Chapbook Submissions:

1 - There is no entry fee, but you must be a subscriber to the High/Coo Chapbooks series to enter the competition. Subscription is $30 per year which includes a copy of all three chapbooks published that year. International subscribers will receive PDF editions of the chapbooks.

The chapbooks will be sold separately for $15 per copy, so a subscriber gets a significant discount receiving (3 chapbooks for $30 instead of $45). You do not have to submit a chapbook manuscript to be a subscriber to the High/Coo Chapbooks series.

You may submit one chapbook manuscript per year.
2 - Chapbook manuscripts will be submitted by email to brooksbooks@gmail.com and include the following requirements:
     • a book title
     • a short biography of the author (500-1000 words)
     • 30 - 50 haiku, senryu, or tanka (no haibun, no linked verse, no other genres)
     • acknowledgments for previous publication of any poem submitted
     • author’s name, address, email address & publication name preference
     • SUBJECT LINE: HIGHCOO Chapbook Submission

     optional, but not required:

     • a short introduction about your collection
     • a short introduction to your own art of writing haiku (where do your haiku come from?)
     • you may submit your chapbook by mail but include an email address for response (no returns)
3 - There will be three chapbooks published each year. Winning authors will receive 10 copies of their collection and $100. They also will get a 50% discount on additional author copies as needed.
4 - Deadline for submission is April 1 of each year. No fooling! Winning chapbooks will be announced by May 1 and published later that same year.

Randy & Shirley Brooks
6 Madera Court
Taylorville, IL 62568


HIGH/COO Chapbooks

The three 2023 chapbooks will be about 48-60 pages. They may vary in page size and vertical or horizontal layout.

Please send questions about these chapbooks or the annual competition.

Each chapbook is available as a single book purchase costing $15 plus postage. Single chapbook purchases will be available after publication of the series, but the chapbook suscription provides a significant discount for a total of $30 instead of $45 for all three.

See Caroline Gourlay's collection, Lull Before Dark, as a sample of a previouce chapbook publication from Brooks Books. (see link below)


HIGH/COO Chapbooks Annual Subscription:

Annual High/Coo Chapbooks Subscription is $30 for one year (three chapbooks) US plus $5 postage and handling.

If you live in the United States you may subscribe online as a secure transaction with your credit card through paypal.com:

International High/Coo Chapbooks subcribers will receive PDF editions instead of print editions. There is no postage charge for this PDF subscription, so annual subscription is $30 USD.

Lull Before Dark: Haiku by Caroline Gourlay

ISBN 1-929820-09-7• perfectbound • Dec 2005
64 pages (5" X 6.5") • $10.00 US

With each successive reading of Lull Before Dark, we hope the reader becomes more engrossed with Caroline Gourlay’s haiku. Full of earthly creatures, heartfelt moments, light, dark, and everything in between, this collection not only brings us closer to the Welsh countryside—which often serves as her inspiration—but also brings us closer to the root of humanity, to the simple moments that give our lives meaning.

For more information, see the web page flyer.