In Her Blue Eyes: Jessica Poems

 Randy & Shirley Brooks

The Baby's Reach

sledding hill . . .
baby reaches for snowflakes
in my beard
baby on her back--
the spring sky
in her blue eyes
giggles in the bathroom . . .
mirror still wet
from the baby's kiss
fingers linked,
arms in a circle around
her head . . . So Big!

baby offers a Cheerio . . .
pulls back, then
crunches it herself
a squint, a shiver . . .
the bite of watermelon
off the baby's tongue
late dinner out
with the childless couple . . .
baby's fussiness, ours
the family lullaby
sung for the fussy baby . . .
another field of drifting snow

all fall down . . .
teenage brothers bump heads
to miss the baby
baby napping--
we tiptoe past her door
to our bedroom
muffin pieces
on the high chair tray . . .
no raisins left
whitewater's lullaby--
the baby asleep
on my lap
baby's frown . . .
both her feet lifted above
the mountain stream
long drive home . . .
Moma unwraps a new cassette
for the baby girl

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