In Her Blue Eyes: Jessica Poems

 Randy & Shirley Brooks

The Wobbly Toddler

nose over the gate
at the top of the stairs,
"Dada! Dada!"
seventeen birthday candles
smoking in the apple crisp . . .
little sister's cough
first deep snow . . .
the toddler tumbles over
in her snowsuit
stockings on the mantle . . .
the child's eyes follow sparks
up the chimney

snowsuit around one ankle,
the toddler whines
"I want to go snowing."
behind Mommy's leg,
the toddler peeks up
at the tall man's face
toddler stands
on the old cat's senseless tail . . .
sun soaking in
garage sale . . .
toddler opens her pink purse
for a dime
raisins, Cheerios gone . . .
we nod its time to
take the toddler home

two year old
guides the computer mouse . . .
dog barking outside
phone call home
from my hotel room . . .
little one's voice in the other room
naked toddler
hides in the living room . . .
bath water running
the bong of the handrail . . .
two year old's tantrum
now tears

curled up
limp against my chest,
the toddler's fever, mine
both big brothers
search beneath racks of clothes.
no blue dinosaur
tiny black ants . . .
two year old stomps
a dead one
the teenager
bends over her little bike--
steady, steady . . . letting go
toddler rests her head
against my shoulder . . . we dance
with no music

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