In Her Blue Eyes: Jessica Poems

 Randy & Shirley Brooks


The Little Girl

blue morning sky . . .
my daughter asks me where
the clouds go
I'm home from Japan . . .
my daughter holds on
and won't let go
blue horse swing . . .
the chains squeak
with each reversal
poo poo in her potty . . .
each member of the family
led in to see

with our shadows
we go puddle hopping . . .
don't step on a crack
up late with old friends . . .
my daughter and her blankie
out of the dark, again
hopping on one foot
to me . . .
pebble in her sandal
her bleeding lip--
snow turning her sled
white again
red coat, red hat . . .
little girl collects smiles
through the grocery store
plastic dinosaur
next to her sleeping face . . .
thunder getting closer

the end

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