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dodge ball
in the park
graduates so eager
for another win
before moving on


by Randy Brooks


summer's end
in shallow puddles
the airy clouds
on the long road
back to my love


by Natalie Perfetti

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Tanka Writing Roundtable
Fall 2017 • Dr. Randy Brooks

Course Description

English 170, Tanka Writing Roundtable is a one-credit writing workshop modeled after Japanese tanka groups. Tanka? Yes, tanka, the Japanese poem which extends beyond the perception-based tanka moment into the emotional or psychological heart of lyrical expression. Reading goals will be to become familiar with Modernist and Contemporary Japanese and English-language tanka. Writing goals will be to immerse students in writing original tanka and collaborative tanka sequences. The class will have several kukai contests. Each student will create a small chapbook of their best tanka and submit their best tanka to a literary journal.

The primary goal of this course is to plan, develop, and complete a tanka collection with the support and critical response of peers.

The secondary goal is to have fun sharing the creative process in a small workshop atmosphere. We will celebrate the variety of voices and experiences that will be evident in the projects.

Final Exam: University Commons 138-140
December 15, 2017

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Bemajedareki Williams

Ben Williamson

Hannah Ottenfield




Kathryn Coffey

Lauren Rhodes

Norman Mears


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