Millikin University Haiku Conferences

Global Haiku Festival
April 14-16, 2000

The Haiku Society of America spring quarterly meeting was held on April 14-16, 2000 as a Global Haiku Festival at Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois.

  faint human shadow
in the cloud's shadow—
passion sunday
by Ryan Casey
Three haiku readings, sixteen academic presentations, two haiku art exhibits, one haiku walk, two haiku contests, a busy book room and dozens of blossoming redbud trees add up to a very full weekend of haiku.

Working with the Haiku Society of America and other haiku organizations, Millikin University has hosted two haiku conferences. These conferences allows Millikin students to interact with contemporary haiku writers, editors, and scholars.

Both conferences brought writers, editors and scholars together to examine a particular issue in contemporary haiku. The first conference, the Midwest Haiku Festival, focused on the issue of haiku as a poetry of place, particularly the Midwest.

The second conference, the Global Haiku Festival, focused on the internationalization of haiku and implications for a universal haiku genre which goes beyond national or regional perspectives.

Both haiku conferences have featured the publication of new haiku anthologies—the Midwest Haiku Anthology and the Global Haiku Anthology—with many of the poets included in the anthologies attending the conference to read from the books.

Midwest Haiku Festival

October 9-11, 1992

  country field—
home run rolling
past the headstones
by Bill Pauly
The Midwest Haiku Anthology, p. 71

Midwest Haiku Retreat
June 11-13, 1999

  on the turtle's back
a spatter of grass clippings
and a gnat at rest
by Hayat Abuza


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