Millikin University Haiku Speakers


spitting watermelon seeds
in unison
by Dr. Akito Arima
from Einstein's Century

Emiko Miyashita and Lee Gurga were featured as readers at the Highway 51 Poetry Project—a series of readings at in Decatur, Illinois.

They read from two books, Love Haiku: A Lifetime of Love by Masajo Suzuki and Einstein's Century: Akito Arima's Haiku. The Arima book, published by Brooks Books, was officially released at this reading for distribution.

Millikin University brings writers, poets and scholars to our campus on a regular basis, and Millikin has brought many of the leading haiku writers, editors and contemporary scholars to our campus. Here are highlights of a few of these guest readings and presentations.

Bill Pauly

April 20-21, 2004 — Millikin University

Our Spring 2004 haiku guest was Bill Pauly, haiku writer and teacher from Dubuque, Iowa. He conducted a haiku editing workshop with Millikin Students, and also gave a public reading of haiku by his students; his good friend and mentor, Raymond Roseliep; and an historical sampling of his own work.

You may see the resulting comments from the haiku editing workshop online at:

Bill Pauly haiku editing workshop 2004

Emiko Miyashita & Lee Gurga

July 2, 2001 — Anthology Bookstore

Our summer 2001 guest speakers were the haiku translation team, Emiko Miyashita and Lee Gurga, who conducted a workshop on using season words in haiku with the summer school section of Global Haiku Tradition. Emiko gave each student a kimono wrap with a small slip of paper inside. Each slip had a kigo (season word) which the student used to write a haiku. Many of the haiku from this workshop were published in the Illinois Times.

Scott Goebel, Randy Brooks, Lee Gurga, Emiko Miyashita


Guest Haiku Writers at Millikin:

Fay Fusae Aoyagi—San Francisco, California

Gretchen Batz—Elsah, Illinois

David Cobb—Braintree, Essex, England

Ellen Compton—Washington D.C.

Gene Doty—Rolla, Missouri

Lee Gurga—Lincoln, Illinois

Penny Harter—Santa Fe, New Mexico

Jim Kacian—Winchester, Virginia

Horst Ludwig—St. Peter, Minnesota

Peggy Lyles—Tucker, Georgia

Robert Mainone—Delton, Michigan

John Martone—Mattoon, Illinois

Andrea Missias—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Emiko Miyashita—Miyamae-ku, Japan

Ban'ya Natsuishi—Fujima, Saitama, Japan

Minako Noma—Matsuyama-shi, Japan

Bill Pauly—Dubuque, Iowa

Lidia Rozmus—Vernon Hills, Illinois

John Stevenson—Nassau, New York

George Swede—Toronto, Canada

Charles Trumbull—Evanston, Illinois

Michael Dylan Welch—Foster City, California

Paul O. Williams—Belmont, California


Be sure to check for upcoming haiku events at Millikin University or in the Midwest.

Check the Haiku Society of America calendar of events for haiku gatherings beyond the Midwest.

Guest Haiku scholars at Millikin:

Bertrand Agostini—Angers, France

Yoshinobu Hakutani—Kent, Ohio

William J. Higginson—Santa Fe, New Mexico

David Lanoue—New Orleans, Lousianna

Lucien Stryk—Dekalb, Illinois

Ikuyo Yoshimura—Gifu, Japan

Fay Fusae Aoyagi helps Mrs. Noma
translate her judge's responses to
the Ginko haiku competition at the
Global Haiku Festival in Decatur.


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