Haiku by Millikin University Students
Published in Journals and Magazines


soulful breeze
carrying the aqua sky
we start a war


by Ryne Inman

Ginyu International Haiku Magazine, Tokyo, July 2006


harvest moon
rises above the branches
tea's aftertaste


by Aubrie Cox

Bottle Rockets
January 2010


yellow dandelion
i ask him
if he's happy


by Laura Podeschi

Inside the Mirror: the Red Moon Anthology of English-language Haiku 2005,
January 2006

Acorn, Fall 2005


their son
home from the war
folded flag


by Rick Bearce

Bottle Rockets, Summer 2005


first rain of spring . . .
all the windows open
he plays Chopin


by Sarah Alexander

Modern Haiku, Summer 2001


calm winter night
city lights dim
under falling snow


by Sarah Bassill

Midwest Living, Dec 2005


peony opens
each day fuller


by Jennifer Gomoll Popolis

Mayfly, Winter, 2009


cool breeze
the evening drizzle
patters on the porch


by Andrea Roewe

Acorn, April, 2003


side of the road
the field of wildflowers
pulls her over


by Kerry Hammergren

Illinois Times, May 30, 2002


on his deathbed
Grandpa’s promise
to attend my wedding


by Katie Burke

Ginyu: International Haiku Magazine, Jan 2006


stepping stones
deep in the water
the tops of houses


by Mark Beanblossom

Raw Nervz, March 2007


first date
I pretend
to be cold


by Meg Schleppenbach

Modern Haiku, Summer, 2002


snowy night
friends talk and talk
in a running truck


by Josh Paramenter

Bottle Rockets, Spring, 2008


late to work
I stop to watch
a snail cross


by Melanie McLay

Modern Haiku, Winter 2008

Students in Millikin University haiku courses are encouraged to submit their original work to small press literary magazines and haiku publications. Several have had their work accepted, so we are please to share these published haiku.

Dear Millikin students and alums,

If you have had a haiku published somewhere or if I have missed your published work, please let me know and I will add you to this page celebrating the haiku published by Millikin students and alums.

send your updates by email to:
Dr. Randy Brooks

These students have had work published in newspapers, haiku journals or literary magazines.

Haiku Published in 2010:

Aubrie Cox
Kari Thornton
Natalie Perfetti
Nathan Bettenhausen
Susie Wirthlin

Haiku Published in 2009:

Allison Lingren
Amy van Rheeden
Aubrie Cox
Beth Stiner
Brandy Bockewitz
Brian Rhode
Brock Peoples
Debbie (Myers) Campbell
Emily Evans
Jennifer Greibel
John E. Byler
Kristen Robinson
Melanie McLay
Natalie Perfetti
Rick Bearce
Stefanie Lovelass

Haiku Published in 2008:

Andrea Earnest Bierman
Emily Evans
Gordon Gilmore
Rebecca Ives
Kristin Kozlowski
Sean Lee
Glenna McKenzie
Josh Paramenter
Christina Reed
Chance (Christina's son)
Lindsay Scully
Patrick Thacker
Alyssa Thompson
Elise Wildman

Haiku Published in 2007:

Mark Beanblossom
Traci Batchelder
Missy Brassie
Connie Cruz
Corrine Cullen
Ryne Inman
Katrina Farris
Alisha Goebel
Liz Hare

Matt Lee
Erica LaMarche
Rachel Morrison
Tracey Rapp
Carrie Seymour
Pat Steadman
Joanne Weise
John Wright
Amanda Young

Haiku Published in 2006:

Mark Beanblossom
Katie Burke
Stephanie Dietrich
Katrina Farris
Deirdre Fields
Ryne Inman

Matt Lee
Melanie McLay
Tena Myers
Laura Podeschi
Joanne Weise

Haiku Published in 2005:

Sarah Bassill
Rick Bearce
Abby Cavanaugh
Emily Evans
Marcia Gordon

Angie Hawk
Tena Myers
Laura Podeschi
Katie Steimann
Dee Woods

Haiku Published in 2004:

Katie Steimann
Penny Harman

Iris Lewis-Beasley

Haiku Published in 2003:

Heather Aymer
Jane Millikin
Medea Mosxona
Candace Golden
Ryan Jones

Rachel Perry
Andrea Roewe
Eric Sharp
Angie Williams

Haiku Published in 2002:

Betsey Hart
Jennifer Clements
Gia Drouzas
Matt Eichhorn
Medea Mosxona
Candace Golden
Nikki Garry
Kerry Hammergren
Melanie Hayes
Ryan Hosler
Chris Hornbacker
Shannon Kroner
Andrew Kirchgesner

Natalie Kussart
Brianne Marsel
Brock Peoples
Rachel Perry
Stacy Radliff
April Romberger
Eric Sharp
Meg Schleppenbach
Beth Stiner
Angie Williams
Maureen Yates
Amanda Young

Haiku Published in 2001:

Sarah Alexander
Ben Alvey
Kristin Boryca
Amy Cassity
Michelle Clements
Kyle Curry
Michelle Deterding
Visar Dida
Jill Embry
Andrew Harrison
Melanie Hayes

Mandi Hill
Marvin Hill
Sarah Knutilla
Michael Lawary
Chad N. Mitchell
Brock Peoples
Chelsey A. Peters
Cathy Sadowski
Shannon Tissier
Nicholas Walters


the captive caterpillar
set free
crawls in circles


by Melanie McLay

Modern Haiku, Fall 2006


rainy evening
mother and daughter
rolling the dough


by Marcia Gordon

Kokako, Sept. 2005
New Zealand


peeking through
tiny holes—
first confession


by Melanie Hayes

Modern Haiku, Winter, 2002


two left feet
I salsa anyway
just to see her smile


by Stephanie Dietrich

Modern Haiku, Fall 2006


beneath her foot
the sand dollar, broken


by Kristin Boryca

Modern Haiku, Summer 2001


blue dragonfly,
just skimming
surface of the moon


by Amanda Young

Collage, Spring, 2002


the scent of lilacs
carried by the wind—
tornado sirens


by Chad N. Mitchell

Mayfly 32 , Winter, 2001


driving up the mountain road
       aroma of pine trees
             fills the car


by Jill Embry

Raw Nervz Haiku, July, 2001


rain on the car roof...
the warmth of her laugh
on my arm


by Sarah Alexander

Modern Haiku, Summer 2001


snow drifts
even with his cane
her grave is too far


by Kristin Boryca

Modern Haiku, Summer 2001


college friends
sheltered in the lobby
this time for warmth


by Ben Alvey

Illinois Times, Dec. 27, 2001


Valentine's dance
I only go
for the cupcakes


by Brianne Marsel

Illinois Times, Feb. 21, 2002


back of the closet
sexy dress
tags still attached


by Amanda Hill

Illinois Times, Dec. 27, 2001


flickering candle light
telling stories
to draw them in


by Nicholas Walters

Illinois Times, October 25, 2001


I stop to see
the length of truth . . .
shadows on the black top


by Chelsey A. Peters

Illinois Times, July 26, 2001


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